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Durga Puja in Africa
by Kumar Biswas

Durga Puja of Bonedi Families at Kolkata
by Amitabha Gupta

Immersion journey on bullock-cart at Kashmere Gate, Delhi
Photo story : Shouvik Basak

Mahishasurmardini on Bengal Terracotta
Mahishasurmardini on Bengal Terracotta
by Rangan Dutta

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Durga Puja 2013

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Delhi and NCR
Durga Puja 2011

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  • Pandal - Bansher Kaj 2010
  • Pandal Inner Wall -  2010
  • Pandal Decoration 2009
  • Outside the Pandal 2009
  • Maa Durga Pratima 2009
  • Maa Durga Pratima 2008
  • Dhaki 2007
  • Maa Durga Pratima 2006
Puja Type :   BAROARI
South Kolkata
Year of initiation  1988  
Website :



The Baishnab Ghata Patuli Upanogori Sarbojonin Durgautsav Committee was formed in the year 1988. The Puja also started in the same year. At that time the local residents were sparsely populated. But at the initiation of local residents they decided to organize the autumn festival. The Durga Puja started of in a small manner with the participation of the local residents. The families staying were scattered and sparsely populated. Due to scattered existence of the families, local residents requested to shift to more centralized position in the areas. For happiness of all the Puja shifted to a small field, more centralized. Due to fast growth the area started receiving new & more families. The field where the current Puja shifted needed to sacrifice due to growth of the skyscrapers. By them a field was identified and denoted to the Patuli Nagarik Committee to organize sports, cultural activities. From then to till date the Puja is being organized at Nagarik Sammilani field (more popularly known as Melar Math). The Puja of these 11 blocks of west Patuli have grown in folds in terms of response from the devotees and also in terms of different offer to the visitors & devotees. The committee have also have been very active in social obligations. They believe that need to contribute in different manners to the society. They have done it by donating the Chief Ministerís relief fund. On Dasami they have a custom to share cloths & other materials to the needy & poor people and thus spreading the goodness to large masses to make people release the true meaning worshiping Mother Durga.


2011 Theme : Parai Parai Sore gol tomar baper bari kachmohol
     Art Director / Theme Artist :  
     Pratima :  Rupchand Kundu
     Pandal  :  Rupchand Kundu (Artist & Decorators)
     Lighting :  Chandannagar Lighting


2010 Theme : Shilper jadu banglar banshee bodho monestry kolkonai vashe
  This year the idea is to spread peace. In this message they encourage larger masses to appeal for peace and thus avoiding & refusing the path of violence. Buddhism as a religion have been always campaigner to self resilience and peace for mankind. This year they share the influence the Buddhism in Hinduism in the from of their teaching, art & culture.

Due to spread of Buddhism in the many southeastern countries, as fusion culture and art form of Hindu & Buddhism. They represent a fusion of a Hindu & Buddhist architectural piece of art in the form of a mandir. We see similar types of beautiful mandir in different southern eastern countries. They again go back to nature to create this architecture by using bamboo from Bengal to create the intricate designs of the art form. It gives us a beautiful representation of Buddhist monastery and we also see mother durga dressed in similar form.

     Art Director / Theme Artist :  
     Pratima :  Shivshankar Tarak Rudra Pal
     Pandal  :  Sutonu Maity (Artisan), Arun Giri (Decorators)
     Lighting :  Anjan Shaha from Chandannagar


2009 Theme : Madhuboni Art
  This year the Puja committee highlighted Madhubani painting in the backdrop of a village of West Bengal.
The pandal was made in the form of Aat Chala (8 roofs), the depiction of the village hut. The roofs were made of the galvanized tin beautifully coloured. The main decoration the main pandal was done was with Madhubani paintings were done on both sides of the walls of the hut. The hut stood over the structure of the bamboos, which were also beautifully wrapped by Namabolis (scripts of religious books) to create the ambience of Amdhubani Paintings. Madhubani paintings were done with different colours to share the stories of India Epics. The paintings shared its stories of the one of the most beautiful folk art form. To exchange the beauty of ambience and the tradition of our culture, the idol was done in the traditional form, which gave the flavour of Bagbazar Protima.
     Art Director / Theme Artist :  
     Pratima :  Jitendranath Pal of Kumartuli
     Pandal  :  Shiv Shankar Das & Pradip Goswami (Artist), Moti Decorators
     Lighting :  Rai Electric


2008 Theme : Panchya Tantra
  This year the committee depicted the Panchtantra (5 Tantras). The pandal was in a very unique shape in the form of Ulto Dhunuchi. Once the devotee entered the pandal they faced each Trantra of Panchatantra in each turn. They were presently surprised with a new a story being depicted by beautifully done model made of clay & Plaster of Paris. Each of the five Tantra was depicted by the story from Panchatantra : Budhi, Dorjo, Gyan, Dombo, Sanjam.
The idol was according to the theme of Puja. The Puja gave the idea of the old stories which gave us the ethics of pure life.
     Art Director / Theme Artist :  
     Pratima :  Somnath Mukerjee
     Pandal  :  Somnath Mukerjee (Artist), Moti Decorators
     Lighting :  Rai Electric


2007 Theme : Cholo Chitra (Roof Art)
  This idea was very different, they concept was roof art (Chal Chita). In the pandal was created with 8 roof (Aat Chala) where each roof is been used to make different materials and design, its created a very natural & green feel to the pandal and offered creativity with the help of, materials from nature. The use of different materials from nature in such a manner that its natural colour created separate feel & ambience by itself. The roof were beautifully coloured and decorate to enhance the beauty of the pandal. The pandals had 8 roof (Chal) was done in asymmetric manner and in different angles. The use of leaves like Talpata, Hogla Pata, Skin of Bettle nut tree and earthen tiles (Tali) were used to create different forms of roofs.
The backdrop of the position where idol of mother Durga was kept was made by the Hoglapata and skin of datesí trees. It added a beautiful ambience to the idol of mother goddess which was created of clay.
     Art Director / Theme Artist :  
     Pratima :  Dulal Pal
     Pandal  :  Sushanta Pal (Artisan), Moti Decorators
     Lighting :  Rai Electric


2006 Theme : Potua Parar Durga Puja
  This is the theme was to organize Durga Puja in a Kumartuli workshop. A true workshop was created with all ingredients used in making idol, placed inside the workshop. Its show the unfinished the stature of the idols and different raw materials used in making of the idols. The feel and ambience was inside of a Kumartuli workshop. The idol was had a different style and used different colours to beatify.
The pandal gave a free and open feeling and the roof made with hay and some were coloured and some in its true colours to give half finished stage. They took back the visitors to the world of Kumartuli.
     Art Director / Theme Artist :  
     Pratima :  
     Pandal  :  Suthantah Pal (Artisan)
     Lighting :  Suthantah Pal




Year Awards  
2010  Zee Bangle  Shrestho 
  Awarded by Zee Bangle   
2010  Jadavpur Thana Sammannay Committee  1st Prize 
  Awarded by Jadavpur Thana Sammannay Committee   
2010  Shristi TV   
  Awarded by Shristi TV   
2009  Jadavpur Thana Samannay Committee  1st Prize 
  Awarded by Jadavpur Thana Samannay Committee   
2009  Jadavpur Thana - 12 ward  2nd Prize 
  Awarded by Jadavpur Thana, 12 ward   
2008  Jadavpur Thana Samannay Committee  1st Prize 
  Awarded by Jadavpur Thana Samannay Committee   
2008  Jadavpur Thana - 12 ward  2nd Prize 
  Awarded by Jadavpur Thana, 12 ward   
2007  Sonik Award   
  Awarded by Sonik   
2007  Jadavpur Thana Samannay Committee  1st Prize 
  Awarded by Jadavpur Thana Samannay Committee   
2006  South Calcutta Krira & Sanskriti Parishad  Sera Samman
(Nandanik) Award 
  Awarded by South Calcutta Kriya & Sanskriti Parishad   
2006  Kolkata TV - Simoco Mobile  Serar Sera - 1st Award 
  Awarded by Kolkata TV, Simoco Mobile   
2006  Pratidin - Snocem 1st Award  Serar Sera 
  Awarded by Pratidin, Snocem   
2006  Sonik  Sharod Samman Award 
  Awarded by Sonik   
2006  Nagarik Committee & 110 Ward  1st Award 
  Awarded by Nagarik Committee, 110 Ward   
2006  Jadavpur Thana Samannay Samiti  1st Award 
  Awarded by Jadavpur Thana Samannay Samiti   
2006  Jadavpur Thana Samannay Samiti & 12 Ward  2nd Prize 
  Awarded by Jadavpur Thana Samannay Samiti under Jadavpur P.S.   
2006  Dishari Khobor Akhon Sera Panch  2nd Award 
  Awarded by Dishari Khobor   
2006  Rotary International  Sharod Samman 
  Awarded by Rotary International   
2006  Pratay - Statesman  Best Pratima Award 
  Awarded by Praty, The Statesman   




Name : Pradip Kumar Chakravorty -
Address :





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