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Durga Puja in Africa
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Durga Puja of Bonedi Families at Kolkata
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Immersion journey on bullock-cart at Kashmere Gate, Delhi
Photo story : Shouvik Basak

Mahishasurmardini on Bengal Terracotta
Mahishasurmardini on Bengal Terracotta
by Rangan Dutta

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Delhi and NCR
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Puja Type :   BAROARI
South Kolkata
Year of initiation  1956  
Website :



Bengal United club established in 1956 found prominence and name herself in being actively involved with the two most popular sports of India, football and hockey. Time to come, the club concentrated mainly on Hockey and till date we are playing 1st division Hockey League conducted by the Bengal Hockey Association. They have also participated in the Beighton Cup of several years and in the mid sixties we made it to the semi-final round.

With the passage of time the members who are team of professionals coming from various fields initiated and organized DURGA PUJA, the main festival occasion of Bengal and the Bengalis in the locality. The club Puja is located in a most convenient spot with the Mudiali and Shib Mandir Pujas in the vicinity.

Kabir road is proud to have amongst us Pandit Shankar Ghosh, noted Tabla Maestro as well wisher, and pundit Bikram Ghoah, the famous percussionist of India along with Raja Venkat as the Brand Ambassadors for the Puja.

On the ground floor of the club address was a library where esteems people like Satyajit Ray used to visit on a regularly. The club are proud to be neighbor of esteemed personalities like Kanal Bala Devi, Ali Akbar khan, Pandit Jasjraj and have keen interest in the Puja of Bengal united.

Sukumar Dasgupta, renowned film director of the that time was also the neighbor and actively participated in our Durga Puja The club has the heritage of having different professional singers performed at the musical conference just after the Puja. 1980 was the silver jubilee and the club brought the electric decoration from Chandan Nagar by the famous Sridhor electric.


2009 Theme : Anando dhoni jagao gogone
  This year idea was Shonkho, The whole pandal was made on the structure was made of iron pipes. The pandal was in the shape of Shankho. In its exact shape and colour, the inside was also done in the exact the same style of Shonkho was done in its circular frame. The entrance of the pandal was decorated with beautiful design with Manipur bamboos. The idol was also made in the same theme style.
     Art Director / Theme Artist :  
     Pratima :  Arun Pal
     Pandal  :  Snehashis Manna (Artist)
     Lighting :  Raja Electric


2008 Theme : Ai somoy shei somoy
  This year the idea was to showcase the blend of the 19th century & 20th century. In this both the culture were shown in the blend of the pandal. Aeka gari (horse driven car ) was also parked at the house of the distinguished family. In this the devotees get the glimpse of the change of culture of both generations.
     Art Director / Theme Artist :  
     Pratima :  Saikat Surai
     Pandal  :  Saikat Surai (Artist)
     Lighting :  Raja Electric


2007 Theme : Matir tane lal matir thane
  This year the club created a small village of red mud village. In this the Adibasi villagers were organizing Puja at their village; they are busy in their day to day life through farming & other activities. They are had the touch of red mud (Lal Mathi). The main Mandir have the mother goddess. The Mandir was in the form of village Mandir, with the Nat Mandir just beside the main Mandir. The whole area had the all the touch of village Mandirís.
The idol was the in according to the theme.
     Art Director / Theme Artist :  
     Pratima :  Arun Pal from PATUAPARA
     Pandal  :  Snehasis Manna (Artist)
     Lighting :  Raja Electric




Year Awards  




Name : Sunanda Bose/Soumyajit Roy -
Address :





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