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Durga Puja of Bonedi Families at Kolkata
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Photo story : Shouvik Basak

Mahishasurmardini on Bengal Terracotta
Mahishasurmardini on Bengal Terracotta
by Rangan Dutta

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Durga Puja 2013

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Delhi and NCR
Durga Puja 2011

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Puja Type :   BAROARI
South Kolkata
Year of initiation  1946  
Website :



We at Bhowanipur Sporting Club have been organizing and celebrating the premier festival of Bengal, "The Durgotsab", in the best manner possible. Our puja is one of the oldest in South Kolkata and even now in our 67th year, we continue to look for new endevours to make a mark in Kolkata as one of the most popular puja destinations.

This year, like in the previous one we will persevere with the creativity of eminent artists to add to the splendour of Kolkata during that period. We have been using different themes in past few years and all of them has been so well accepted by people that we have been made the Most Crowd Puller of South Kolkata. we have won 33 awards in last 5 years.

Our club, however, has not restricted itself only to organizing the Durgotsab, we have undertaken many community development and social welfare activities and our main endevour is to have a clean and peaceful 'Para' which envisages communal harmony.


2013 Theme : Parasona Kore je Garighora Chore Se - Its important to be educated but not at the cost of Childhood
  Children are born free but everywhere they are in chains.Even when they are not born their Parents inject their own ambitionS into their Wards - they have to be a Doctor or an Engineer.

They must reach the zenith of their career.But, have they at all cared to see, while the children are busy cramming the mathamatical puzzle, the nature with all its splendour is overlooked? The music of falling rains, the multicoloured kites, the cuckoos, the grasshoppers - to this the children either turn a deaf ear or a blind eye.The compulsion and the yoke is ever hanging on them - learn Alphabets, cram more - you have to become "A MATERIALLY SUCCESSFUL MAN". But he can not always gasp but has to breathe like a human being. The world invites him as if telling "Come and Join Us"...Let the book be his friend & not a fiend. Let flowers bloom, let we educate our children, let him be really rich, yes of course after completing his real education of life. Hence our theme "PARASONA KARE JE GARIGHORA CHORE SE"

     Art Director / Theme Artist :  Rintu Pal
     Pratima :  Parimal Pal - Kumartuli
     Pandal  :  Kajal Chakraborty
     Lighting :  Nandi Electric




Year Awards  
2012  URO Sharad Sanman  Sharadiya Environment 
  Awarded by URO Group   
2012  It Happens only in India  International Program 
  Awarded by FOX History Channel   
2012  Sera Paribesh  Best Environment 
  Awarded by CESC KMC   
2012  Sharad Ananya  Sharad Ananya Top 10 
  Awarded by 24 Ghanta   
2012  Kolkata Sree  1st in Kolkata 
  Awarded by Kolkata TV and Kolkata Municipal Corporation   
2012  Zee Bangla  Banglar Sera Pujo 8th 
  Awarded by Zee TV   
2012  Star Ananda  Star Pujo Top 10 
  Awarded by Star Ananda   




Name : Mr. Soumik Kumar Mitra - Secretary
Address : Rupchand Mukherjee Lane,Bhowanipur,Hajra More,South Kolkata - 700025





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