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Mahishasurmardini on Bengal Terracotta
by Rangan Dutta

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Delhi and NCR
Durga Puja 2011

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  • Maa Durga Pratima 2008
Puja Type :   BAROARI
South Kolkata
Year of initiation  1990  
Website :



Way before 1959 THE AGRANI CLUB was famously known as THE IMPERIAL GROUND. In those days it was mainly the football playground of the local boys. In the year 1959, some local players, most of them being friends, while playing football decided to form a club. This is how AGRANI CLUB was born in 1959. The founder members of this club include MR. PRADIP DAS, MR. GIARSI LAL GUPTA, MR. MILAN ROY, Mr. BIMAL MONDAL and so on.

With the formation of the club, they decided to start the Kalipuja in the ground. In those days the puja was organized with huge funfair with big pandals, near about 50 gates, horse carriage procession for immersion and lots of enthusiastic crowd. Thereafter for many years, the Kalipuja as well as the sports activities round the year continued and many new members were inducted.

In 1970 the club was officially termed as THE CHETLA AGRANI CLUB. A very popular tournament started in the ground which was named THE AGRANI FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT. The tournament registered such an event that the then Governor Sri Dharamvir was the chief guest in one occasion.

In 1990 a club room was constructed in one corner of the ground. This was the era when the Kalipuja was organized magnanimously with theme and became widely popular.

In 2002, the present President MR. BOBBY HAKIM planned of constructing a concrete big pleasant club house with the financial help from MP MAMATA BANERJEE.

Eventually, the Air-conditioned Clubroom, Multigym, Sauna bath was constructed. In 2006 the club was leased by the land owner and he donated the entire property as the playground of KOLKATA MUNICIPAL CORPORATION by the behest of MR.BOBBY HAKIM and the historic deed of Registration was signed by the then General Secretary MR. AJOY CHATTERJEE. Thereafter the entire ground was illuminated and the lighting arrangement was done by MP L.A.D. fund by SMT. MAMATA BANERJEE for providing metal lighting for the tournaments, practice of FOOTBALL and CRICKET COACHING CAMPS and other purposes too.

Durga Puja has always been a medium through which the members of the club have come together as family. From the year 1990, the members of Agrani decided to organize Durga Puja. That time the Puja was held in a very small scale and homely manner. The Durga Puja Committee named itself FAMILIES AND FRIENDS keeping in mind the essence of the Puja celebration.

The Puja celebration was like any other club trying to unite like a family. From 1990 till 2007 the Families and Friends Puja continued like a residential DURGA PUJA From the year 2007, the Puja was set up in the CHETLA AGRANI CLUB premises keeping in mind the wide popularity of the theme Puja.


2012 Theme : Hriday Premer Shirsho
     Art Director / Theme Artist :  
     Pratima :  
     Pandal  :  
     Lighting :  


2011 Theme : Mandir ar Masjid royechya pasapasi

In today’s world when the society is filled up with all the negativities and communal differences, we at Chetla Agrani Club have made an attempt to create out pandal in such a way so that it reflects the feeling of communal harmony.
The pandal is based on virtual reality. It has a mosque which is the reality. It exists in reality beside the club premises. And the virtual aspect is the temple which is being erected for Durga Puja. The place has been transformed into Ram-Rahimtala, a place where the people of both the communities, Hindu and Muslim live together with love and mutual brotherhood.

About Ram-Rahimtala:
A very brave and revel lady Misri Begum who lived in Ram-Rahimtala wanted to build a mosque where the female section of the Islam community could go and perform their prayers, which is generally restricted in most of the mosques. She has fought a lot for it. However, during her lifetime she was unable to build the mosque. Finally her son after her death fulfilled his mother’s dream and built the mosque in the name of Misri Begum Masjid.
On the other hand a very rich and well-to-do Hindu zamindar Ram Mukherjee built the temple of Maa Durga beside the mosque.
And since then the people of Ram-Rahimtala are staying together setting an example of communal harmony.
There is a place for both the communities to make their wishes or mannat. The Hindus tie the sacred thread around the sacred tree and the Muslims spread the sacred cloth over the Majhar.
Performers from different parts of West Bengal come to perform folk songs and dance in the temple ground. It also has a small market place where stalls are been put up for selling various items related to worship and other rituals.
     Art Director / Theme Artist :  
     Pratima :  Arun Paul
     Pandal  :  Rono Banerjee (Art & Decorators)
     Lighting :  Tapas Ray


2010 Theme : Maa
  Like every year, this year too, our club is going to organise Durga Puja at our club premises. Our theme for this year is “Maa”.
For last Eighteen years our Club is organizing Durga Puja every year. Our Club always attempts to make themes based on subjects reflecting on social and global issues. “Maa” is one such theme where the value and importance of a mother in the life of an individual has been emphasized. (A brochure in respect to the theme is enclosed herewith).
     Art Director / Theme Artist :  
     Pratima :  Sri Subodh Roy
     Pandal  :  Banglar Mati
     Lighting :  Dutta Electric


2009 Theme : Under the Sea
  Replicating from the underwater aquarium in Sentosa Island of Singapore, Chetla Agrani Club has created the Under The Sea theme for the Durga Puja 2009. The living creatures surviving under the sea are exhibited in this Pandal so as to create the ambience of the sea down under. The entire atmosphere has been livened with the fine aid of sound, light and colour.
Like every year, this year too, our club has projected an underlying Global Message. The living creatures under the sea which includes various types of fishes and plants are showcased to make an effort for people to realize how beautiful the world under the sea is. With the progress of civilization we often tend to forget the value of water and end up polluting and contaminating it. We treat the sea as a vast waste bin. But do we at all realize that with our such regular practice are we actually making an attempt to kill these sea creatures? We are dirtying up their homes and this will result to such a harmful and dangerous end to them.
So let us all have a deep thought and forbid ourselves from being further responsible to the destruction and perish of such a beautiful world under the sea.
     Art Director / Theme Artist :  
     Pratima :  Indra Pal
     Pandal  :  Rupantar Pandit (Artist)
     Lighting :  Q Lighting


2008 Theme : Global Warming
  In 2008, the Durga Puja of Agrani was reflected on the issue of Global Warming. The backdrop of the pandal was the polar region. The ground was sited as a total structure of white, portraying polar region. The message which lay behind creating the pandal, i.e, Global Warming even attracted the media to draw an attention. The igloo which was made out created curiosity among the visitors and experienced a great amount of footfall, matching some of the greatest Puja pandals of the city. This became a huge success.
     Art Director / Theme Artist :  
     Pratima :  
     Pandal  :  
     Lighting :  


2007 Theme : Gram Bangla
  In 2007 the theme on which the Durga Puja was celebrated was rural Bengal. The ground was transformed to a rural Bengal village. The special draw of this village was a pond which was erected to give a feel of originality. The visitors appreciated this attempt to make theme Puja of Durga Puja in Agrani and the club members got encouragement to proceed with it.
     Art Director / Theme Artist :  
     Pratima :  
     Pandal  :  
     Lighting :  




Year Awards  
2010  Rotary Club Award  Shera Poribesh 
  Awarded by Rotary Club   
2010  Kurnish  3rd Prize 
  Awarded by Kurnish   
2010  Nalanda Group of Management Education  1st Prize 
  Awarded by Nalanda Group of Management Education   
2010  Banchbo Sharod Samman 2010  1st Prize 
  Awarded by Banchbo   
2010  Kolkata TV  Shera 25 
  Awarded by Kolkata TV   
2010  Star Ananda   
  Awarded by Star Ananda   
2009  Rotary Club Award  Shera Poribesh 
  Awarded by Rotary Club   
2009  Kurnish  3rd Prize 
  Awarded by Kurnish   
2009  Nalanda Group of Management Education  1st Prize 
  Awarded by Nalanda Group of Management Education   
2009  Banchbo Sharod Samman 2009  1st Prize 
  Awarded by Banchbo   
2009  Kolkata TV  Shera 25 
  Awarded by Kolkata TV   
2009  Star Ananda  Hall of Fame 
  Awarded by Star Ananda   
2008  Star Ananda  Star Puroshkar 
  Awarded by Star Ananda   
2007  Star Ananda  Superstar 
  Awarded by Star Ananda   




Name : Sohini Bhattacharjee -
Address :





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