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Durga Puja in Africa
by Kumar Biswas

Durga Puja of Bonedi Families at Kolkata
by Amitabha Gupta

Immersion journey on bullock-cart at Kashmere Gate, Delhi
Photo story : Shouvik Basak

Mahishasurmardini on Bengal Terracotta
Mahishasurmardini on Bengal Terracotta
by Rangan Dutta

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Delhi and NCR
Durga Puja 2013

by Dhriti Basu Mallik

2013 Exclusive Gallery

Delhi and NCR Durga Puja 2011
Delhi and NCR
Durga Puja 2011

by Shouvik Basak

Bangalore Diaries 2011
by Bappaditya Mazumder

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  • Pandal 2010
  • Maa Durga Protima 2010
  • Pandal 2010
Puja Type :   BAROARI
North Kolkata
Year of initiation  1977  
Website :



Dum Dum Tarun Dal is a club formed by the local people of Dum Dum Park. At the beginning we used to organize traditional Durga Puja . But From the year 2008 we started theme Puja. Previous year our Puja become grand hit and we grabbed 10 awards like Star Anada Star Puja award, News Time Puja Oscar Sera Pratima, Kolkata TV Mohanagarer Mahapuja Sera Mondop, NE Bangla Khas Das, Uttomkumar Sarod Somman Bochorer Bishoy, AvaGaurde Sarad somman, Callcutta Blood Doners forum sarad Somman, Event Zone Sarad somman.


2012 Theme : Wool Kantar Jadur Chowa
  Pandal will be made with wool work. The Idol will be reside in a 30 ft long woolen lotus. We are trying to highlight the love and care with which a mother weaves a woolen garment for her family.
     Art Director / Theme Artist :  
     Pratima :  
     Pandal  :  
     Lighting :  


2011 Theme : Robir aloi devier bodhon
     Art Director / Theme Artist :  
     Pratima :  Parimal Paul
     Pandal  :  Partho Ray (Artist & Decorators)
     Lighting :  G. K. Electric


2010 Theme : Jini Durga sai Radha
  Dum Dum Tarun Dal had chosen the theme based on Kuran Sarikh stories. Jini Durga sai Radha.... In 2010 pandal was combination of lots of color, painting, wooden works, special effect lighting, sound and specially water. In the previous year our puja having raw material as brick, cement , sand not like orthodox bamboo, wood, string, etc. Also our pandal was full of water. There was a attractive combination with water and light .Last year we have shown the similarity between ‘Radha’ and ‘Durga’.”
     Art Director / Theme Artist :  
     Pratima :  Parimal Pal
     Pandal  :  Partho Ray (Artist & Decorators)
     Lighting :  G. K. Electric


2009 Theme : Khononer dara pithibir sristi
     Art Director / Theme Artist :  
     Pratima :  Parimal Pal
     Pandal  :  Bandhan Raha (Artist & Decorators)
     Lighting :  Likenath Electric




Year Awards  
2010  South Dum Dum Municipality  Green Puja Award 
  Awarded by South Dum Dum Municipality   
2010  Rahul group of companies  Sharod Samman 
  Awarded by Rahul group of companies   
2010  Ava Gaurde’s  Sharod Samman 
  Awarded by Ava Gaurde’s   
2010  Calcutta Blood Donors Forum   
  Awarded by    
2010  Mahanayak Uttam Kumar Sharod Shamman   
  Awarded by    
2010  NE Bangla  Sera Biswakarma 
  Awarded by NE Bangla   
2010  NE Bangla  Khas Das 
  Awarded by  NE Bangla   
2010  Kolkata TV  Mahanagarer Mahapujo 
  Awarded by  Kolkata TV   
2010  Superstar vs Megastar  Star Pujo Award 
  Awarded by Star Ananada   
2010  JAHANG DEHI Pujo Oscar  Shera Pratima 
  Awarded by News Time   
2010  Sharer Biswakarma  Best Artisan 
  Awarded by    
2010  Shera 10  1st Prize 
  Awarded by NE Bangla   
2009  Aaj Bikash - Shera Puja  1st Prize, Shera Pujo Paribesh 
  Awarded by Aaj Bikash   




Name : Pratikshan Ghosh - Member
Address :





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