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Kumortuli 2010
by Rangan Datta

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Abar moder sathi rongin bati

Autumn in chaste Language means a festive month. Its colorful festival ceremony rejuvenates the life from dull & monotonous feeling. Autumn light blue sky interrupted by patches of milk-white clouds & softy white Sewli flower invites mother Durga. Colourful brightness all around the nature creates freshness in mind to worship mother “ Goddess Durga” for all cast creed and religion.

This year we invite mother with colored light and a magic of color of depicting the stories of Mahabharata with feel of glass paintings. We bring mother in the magical facial form of Midnapore pot paintings.

The complete design is done with crust cellophane paper . First the out line is drawn is done and then the coloured cellophane is used to make the picture. The finishing is done with light focus from background to give a glass painting like feeling.

Artist : Gourango Kuila


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