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Kumortuli 2010
by Rangan Datta

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Parar Puja ” (Puja of an area)

In this era of theme puja , different puja committee creates different themes like a beautiful Mandir or village of Bengal . These might be very beautiful in creation but it not seems to match with the identity of that particular area.

So this time we wanted to created a theme “ Para Puja” . In this we wanted to show a identity of a para (area ) and their specialty of an area in organizing the Durga Puja.
We created a specific identity of our para (area) and to bring a Durga Puja in the true form of a theme puja.
The whole idea was conceived & created by Suthanta pal to provide a Durga Puja of different sort.

Artist : Gourango Kuila


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