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Kumortuli 2010
by Rangan Datta

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Shilper jadu banglar banshee bodho monestry kolkonai vashe

This year the idea is to spread peace. In this message they encourage larger masses to appeal for peace and thus avoiding & refusing the path of violence. Buddhism as a religion have been always campaigner to self resilience and peace for mankind. This year they share the influence the buddhisim in Hinduism in the from of their teaching , art & culture.

Due to spread of Buddhism in the many southeastern countries , as fusion culture and art form of hindu & Buddhism. They represent a fusion of a hindu & Buddhist architectural piece of art in the form of a mandir . We see similar types of beautiful mandir in different southern eastern countries. They again go back to nature to create this architecture by using bamboo from Bengal to create the intricate designs of the art form. It gives us a beautiful representation of Buddhist monastery and we also see mother durga dressed in similar form.

Artist : Sutonu Maity
Idol : Shivshankar Tarak Rudra Pal
Decorator : Arun Giri
Electric : Anjan Shaha from Chandannagar


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