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Kumortuli 2010
by Rangan Datta

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Sona mati mati Sona
Mati khati dhudher bati
Roder chota fasal falai
Anke sobuj jolchobe

Soil has always been  worshiped as mother from ancient times. Soil’s fertility provides the harvest for life.  The harvest provides unlimited food to millions of living beings. A new born is nurtured and brought up in mother’s Love.

We in this year have narrated the story of goodness & strength of nature’s fertility. We find similar strength and goodness in Mother Durga.  So Mother durga in the form of Maa Chandi  have been represented as godess of crop & harvest in our puja.

With reference from the manuscripts & the imagination of artists a duo of soil and sky is being created in our pandal. Free and different thought  of the Environmental artist forum have been transferred into creation of our pandal and the deity.

Devi durga is spreading the goodness of creation after bringing end to evil.

The soil is represented by open earthen pots denoting thirty earth looking towards clouds to brings rains  for fertility & harvest.

And clouds also responds to the call for creation & harvesting. We worship the power of harvest which brings happiness & prosperity by highlighting the Eternal duo of clouds and soils.

Artist : Environmental art (Artist Forum)
Lighting : Faraday Electric
Decorator : Panchanan Decorator



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