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2010 Galleries
DELHI and NCR 2010
by Shouvik Basak

Berhampore, Lalbagh,  Raghunathganj, Jangipur
by Nilkantha Ray

Kumortuli 2010
by Rangan Datta

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The Pandal Story 2010
by Shatabdi & Sayan Biswas
Remembering Past
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Remembering 2010  2011 Exclusive Gallery

2010 Exclusive Gallery

2010 Exclusive Gallery  
Parar Puja ” ( Puja of an area)

In this era of theme puja , different puja committee creates different themes like a beautiful Mandir or village of Bengal . These might be very beautiful in creation but it not seems to match with the identity of that particular area.

So this time we wanted to created a theme “ Para Puja” . In this we wanted to show a identity of a para (area ) and their specialty of an area in organizing the Durga Puja.
We created a specific identity of our para (area) and to bring a Durga Puja in the true form of a theme puja.
The whole idea was conceived & created by Suthanta pal to provide a Durga Puja of different sort.
 - View Gallery

Artist : Sushanta Pal


Abar moder sathi rongin bati

Autumn in chaste Language means a festive month. Its colorful festival ceremony rejuvenates the life from dull & monotonous feeling. Autumn light blue sky interrupted by patches of milk-white clouds & softy white Sewli flower invites mother Durga.

Colourful brightness all around the nature creates freshness in mind to worship mother “ Goddess Durga” for all cast creed and religion.

This year we invite mother with colored light and a magic of color of depicting the stories of Mahabharata with feel of glass paintings. We bring mother in the magical facial form of Midnapore pot paintings.

The complete design is done with crust cellophane paper . First the out line is drawn is done and then the coloured cellophane is used to make the picture. The finishing is done with light focus from background to give a glass painting like feeling.  - View Gallery


Nature (prokriti)

This year nature have its prominence and shib mandir shows that by creating a cosmic womb where
Aditi (Devi durga ) gave birth to the Aditya (sun ) and then the with time the whole universe comes into existence.

The three chambers of the the pandal denotes three phases of the creation of universe.
The first denotes Shristi where we are the witness of the creation of Sun & the galaxy and the universe.
In the next we see Sthiti , were living beings in the form of insects, plants takes birth.
And in the last phase We see durga puja denoting Binashini, where Devi durga fights against evil & terminates evil to reinstate peace on the universe. - View Gallery


Rupali Foloke soktir Alayoy

This year Behala club invites mother & her power in silver brochette. In this mother is also in silver dressing . Red Flames of the yogya sthall in the centre and where all gods and goddess are in the participation of the creating devi durga to stop the atrocities of mahishahur . The idea of shakti sthall have been created with the dominance of silver foil. We pass by the corridor with the bells hanging and ringing and the weapons of devi durga being depicted on the walls of the corridor. In the process of worshiping of strength and creation devi durga , all gods & goddess donates different weapons to devi durga. Red colour being used to express the power and rudra rup (form) of devi durga. It’s a creative express of devi durga in rudra ruo (form) where red colour have the main expression of the feeling but devi durga is in silver foil add more expression to the shakti sthall. - View Gallery

Shilper jadu banglar banshee bodho monestry kolkonai vashe

This year the idea is to spread peace. In this message they encourage larger masses to appeal for peace and thus avoiding & refusing the path of violence. Buddhism as a religion have been always campaigner to self resilience and peace for mankind. This year they share the influence the Buddhism in Hinduism in the from of their teaching , art & culture.

Due to spread of Buddhism in the many southeastern countries , as fusion culture and art form of Hindu & Buddhism. They represent a fusion of a Hindu & Buddhist architectural piece of art in the form of a mandir . We see similar types of beautiful mandir in different southern eastern countries. They again go back to nature to create this architecture by using bamboo from Bengal to create the intricate designs of the art form. It gives us a beautiful representation of Buddhist monastery and we also see mother durga dressed in similar form. - View Gallery

Artist : Sutonu Maity
Idol : Shivshankar Tarak Rudra Pal
Decorator : Arun Giri
Electric : Anjan Shaha from Chandannagar



This year the idea is to highlight “transparency “as a theme. In this complex world if we reach to the people with open and transparent mind , the world becomes a better place to stay. We worship mother durga with open & transparent mind and try to highlight our manner & believe in making the design of the pandal with similar thought. We use straw , a transparent medium and its being highlighted by colored wool threads. We create motifs of different form of these and beautiful folk art to ornament the pandal. The iron structures will be placed into the different part of the venue. Different design are used to cover & decorate the iron structure.
Mother durga have also showed her self to us in the looks of folk style. View Gallery

Artist : Bandan Raha
Idol : Radha Romon Pal
Lighting : Debu ELectric


Panchya Mandir (Haridwar)

A flight of stairs leads up to the platform where next to each other are temples of Shiva and Durga.

ln between them are smaller temples of Ganga and Manasha. The fifth temple shaped like a huge Hara Parvati Temple houses Ganesha and is present on a dias between the flight of stairs.
View Gallery

Theme Artist : Rano Banerjee
Pratima : Pradip
Pandal : M. N. Rudra Paul
Lighting : Mondal Decorator

Atal jaler aohoban (Under the Sea)

This year Ahiritola takes us to Jule Verne's world to meet Mother Durga will meet us under the sea.

The ambience submerged us into the life under the sea amongst the beauty of corals and the sea creatures.

The ship wreck under the sea transcends us to the world of sea pirates and the fierce fight with the fate of losing and ending at the sea bed. Here Maa durga fights against the evil to bring peace to the world. - View Gallery

Artist : Gourango Kauila
Idol : Gourango Kauila
Electric : Shree Gopal Electric


Sona mati mati Sona
Mati khati dhudher bati
Roder chota fasal falai
Anke sobuj jolchobe

Soil has always been worshiped as mother from ancient times. Soil’s fertility provides the harvest for life. The harvest provides unlimited food to millions of living beings. A new born is nurtured and brought up in mother’s Love.

We in this year have narrated the story of goodness & strength of nature’s fertility. We find similar strength and goodness in Mother Durga. So Mother durga in the form of Maa Chandi have been represented as godess of crop & harvest in our puja.

With reference from the manuscripts & the imagination of artists a duo of soil and sky is being created in our pandal. Free and different thought of the Environmental artist forum have been transferred into creation of our pandal and the deity.

Devi durga is spreading the goodness of creation after bringing end to evil.
The soil is represented by open earthen pots denoting thirty earth looking towards clouds to brings rains for fertility & harvest.

And clouds also responds to the call for creation & harvesting. We worship the power of harvest which brings happiness & prosperity by highlighting the Eternal duo of clouds and soils.
- View Gallery

Artist : Environmental art (Artist Forum)
Lighting : Faraday Electric
Decorator : Panchanan Decorator

“Ekaihang Bahushyam Projajeyo”
(I am One and I will become Many)

Tridhara Sammilani's this year's thought is an unique experience of the One and only 'Brahmo'.

We all know that 'Parama Brahmo' is an universal truth. It is self evolved and complete by its own self. It is undisturbed, static, and unchanging whilst swifter than mind. It initiates creation and its presence is felt in each and every being of this universe. According to the inscriptions of the Upanishad, there are two contradictory sides to 'Brahmo'. One is its 'Swamp' way and the other is the 'Tathastha' way.

To fulfill the needs of creation it makes a promise or 'Brahmo Sankalpa' as "Ekaihang Bahuslryam Projajeyo" meaning "I am One and I will become Many". No creation is possible without the unision of the Purush and Nan shakti. This initiated the innovation of the right hand portion of the Parameshwar as the 'Purush' or 'Anadi' and the left hand portion as the 'Prakriti' or 'Maya'. This Prakriti is of exquisite beauty and extreme power. Purush and Prakriti then started meditating and water came out of their bodies and 'Khirod Sagar' was created. They then slept in this water body for many years and thus came to be known as 'Narayan' and 'Narayani'. ['Nar' meaning water and 'Ayan' meaning sleeping.] At this moment of time there was nothing except the Purush and the Prakriti. Then gradually from this Abyakto Prakriti Mahatatwo was created. This Mahatatwo was empowered by the Trigunas such as the Satya, Rojo and Tama. From Mahatatwo came Ahankar, from Ahankar came Panchatanmantra, from Panchatanmantra came Panchabhut, from Panchabhut came Panchagyanandriya and Panchakarmendriya. Narayan then got enlightened by all these tatwas and went to sleep on the Anantasalil of the Khirod Sagar.

'Brahmo' integrated itself from the emissions of the Hiranyagarbha and got established as the 'Brahma'. 'Brahma' then created the self mutating, egg laying and the birth giving beings from the different parts of its mind and body. 'Maha Saraswati' or 'Brahmani' became the female manifestation of 'Brahma' and expressed itself as the perfect idol of 'Satya Gunn'. Hiranyagarbha or the 'Brahmanda' then divided itself into two - the Space and the Earth. This was how the Earth, Space and Water got created.

To maintain these creations 'Brahmo' reincarnated itself as 'Vishnu'. 'Maha Lakshmi' became the female manifestation of'Vishnu' and expressed itself as the perfect idol of 'Rojo Gunn'.

Whenever there is creation there has to be destruction, so 'Brahmo' again re-establishes itself as the 'Maheshwar'. 'Mahakali' thus became the female manifestation of 'Maheshwar' and expressed itself as the perfect idol of 'Tama Gunn'. View Gallery

Artist : Dipak Ghosh

Roning Moroke Abaho rachan
Notun Saje Maa r Agomon


In the 48th year of we on the spring festival , we bring durga puja to all in the new art form in the form of wooden dolls . The main raw material of this style of wooden dolls is cardboards. We used left outs cardboards which is easily available and also environment friendly .

Young talented artist painted beautiful paintings of Wooden dolls on Cardboard boxes to create beautiful art forms.

With the idea of Gourango kuila the pandal and the idol both are created with the same thought process. With the mix of different colours the place turns out to be like a rainbow. - View Gallery

Theme : Gourango Kuila
Idol : Gouranga Kuila
Pandal : Shilpanjali Art (Tamluk)
Lightings : Sabita Electrics & Bose Electrics


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