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Kumortuli 2010
by Rangan Datta

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“Ekaihang Bahushyam Projajeyo”
(I am One and I will become Many)

Tridhara Sammilani's this year's thought is an unique experience of the One and only 'Brahmo'.

We all know that 'Parama Brahmo' is an universal truth. It is self evolved and complete by its own self. It is undisturbed, static, and unchanging whilst swifter than mind. It initiates creation and its presence is felt in each and every being of this universe. According to the inscriptions of the Upanishad, there are two contradictory sides to 'Brahmo'. One is its 'Swamp' way and the other is the 'Tathastha' way.

To fulfill the needs of creation it makes a promise or 'Brahmo Sankalpa' as "Ekaihang Bahuslryam Projajeyo" meaning "I am One and I will become Many". No creation is possible without the unision of the Purush and Nan shakti. This initiated the innovation of the right hand portion of the Parameshwar as the 'Purush' or 'Anadi' and the left hand portion as the 'Prakriti' or 'Maya'. This Prakriti is of exquisite beauty and extreme power. Purush and Prakriti then started meditating and water came out of their bodies and 'Khirod Sagar' was created. They then slept in this water body for many years and thus came to be known as 'Narayan' and 'Narayani'. ['Nar' meaning water and 'Ayan' meaning sleeping.] At this moment of time there was nothing except the Purush and the Prakriti. Then gradually from this Abyakto Prakriti Mahatatwo was created. This Mahatatwo was empowered by the Trigunas such as the Satya, Rojo and Tama. From Mahatatwo came Ahankar, from Ahankar came Panchatanmantra, from Panchatanmantra came Panchabhut, from Panchabhut came Panchagyanandriya and Panchakarmendriya. Narayan then got enlightened by all these tatwas and went to sleep on the Anantasalil of the Khirod Sagar.

'Brahmo' integrated itself from the emissions of the Hiranyagarbha and got established as the 'Brahma'. 'Brahma' then created the self mutating, egg laying and the birth giving beings from the different parts of its mind and body. 'Maha Saraswati' or 'Brahmani' became the female manifestation of 'Brahma' and expressed itself as the perfect idol of 'Satya Gunn'. Hiranyagarbha or the 'Brahmanda' then divided itself into two - the Space and the Earth. This was how the Earth, Space and Water got created.

To maintain these creations 'Brahmo' reincarnated itself as 'Vishnu'. 'Maha Lakshmi' became the female manifestation of'Vishnu' and expressed itself as the perfect idol of 'Rojo Gunn'.

Whenever there is creation there has to be destruction, so 'Brahmo' again re-establishes itself as the 'Maheshwar'. 'Mahakali' thus became the female manifestation of 'Maheshwar' and expressed itself as the perfect idol of 'Tama Gunn'. View Gallery

Artist : Dipak Ghosh


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