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Kumortuli 2010
by Rangan Datta

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Rupali Foloke soktir Alayoy

This year Behala club invites mother & her power in silver brochette. In this mother is also in silver dressing . Red Flames of the yogya sthall in the centre and where all gods and goddess are in the participation of the creating devi durga to stop the atrocities of mahishahur . The idea of shakti sthall have been created with the dominance of silver foil. We pass by the corridor with the bells hanging and ringing and the weapons of devi durga being depicted on the walls of the corridor. In the process of worshiping of strength and creation devi durga , all gods & goddess donates different weapons to devi durga. Red colour being used to express the power and rudra rup (form) of devi durga. Itís a creative express of devi durga in rudra ruo (form) where red colour have the main expression of the feeling but devi durga is in silver foil add more expression to the shakti sthall.

Artist : Shakti Sharma



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