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Kumortuli 2010
by Rangan Datta

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Nature (prokiti)

This year nature have its prominence and shib mandir shows that by creating a cosmic womb where
Aditi (Devi durga ) gave birth to the Aditya (sun ) and then the with time the whole universe comes into existence.

The three chambers of the the pandal denotes three phases of the creation of universe.
The first denotes Shristi where we are the witness of the creation of Sun & the galaxy and the universe.
In the next we see Sthiti , were living beings in the form of insects, plants takes birth.
And in the last phase We see durga puja denoting Binashini, where Devi durga fights against evil & terminates evil to reinstate peace on the universe.

Artist : Subroto Banerjee
Idol : Subroto Banerjee



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