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Kumartuli 2011

Bangalore Diaries 2011
by Bappaditya Mazumder

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Ballygunge Cultural Association 2011

Theme : Bishnupur Art & their Handcrafts

They are doing basically traditional pujo.
But they are doing the theme in their pandal putting same traditional idol. they are picturising the jora bangla mandir of bishnupur and their handcrafts in their pandal. In the seventeenth century malla king raghunath singha made jora banglar charchala temple.
Ballygunj cultural association is making the pandal like that temple. There are handscraft made in teracota where they picturise epics and social and political status of that era.




Pratima :
Pradip Rudra Pal

Pandal :
Goutam Basu
(Artist & Decorators)

Lighting : Khokon Dey







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