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Kumartuli 2011

Bangalore Diaries 2011
by Bappaditya Mazumder

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Chetla Agrani Club 2011

Theme : Mandir ar Masjid royechya pasapasi

In todayís world when the society is filled up with all the negativities and communal differences, we at Chetla Agrani Club have made an attempt to create out pandal in such a way so that it reflects the feeling of communal harmony.
The pandal is based on virtual reality. It has a mosque which is the reality. It exists in reality beside the club premises. And the virtual aspect is the temple which is being erected for Durga Puja. The place has been transformed into Ram-Rahimtala, a place where the people of both the communities, Hindu and Muslim live together with love and mutual brotherhood.

About Ram-Rahimtala:
A very brave and revel lady Misri Begum who lived in Ram-Rahimtala wanted to build a mosque where the female section of the Islam community could go and perform their prayers, which is generally restricted in most of the mosques. She has fought a lot for it. However, during her lifetime she was unable to build the mosque. Finally her son after her death fulfilled his motherís dream and built the mosque in the name of Misri Begum Masjid.
On the other hand a very rich and well-to-do Hindu zamindar Ram Mukherjee built the temple of Maa Durga beside the mosque.
And since then the people of Ram-Rahimtala are staying together setting an example of communal harmony.
There is a place for both the communities to make their wishes or mannat. The Hindus tie the sacred thread around the sacred tree and the Muslims spread the sacred cloth over the Majhar.
Performers from different parts of West Bengal come to perform folk songs and dance in the temple ground. It also has a small market place where stalls are been put up for selling various items related to worship and other rituals.



Pratima : Arun Paul

Pandal :
Rono Banerjee (Art & Decor)

Lighting : Tapas Ray







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