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Kumartuli 2011

Bangalore Diaries 2011
by Bappaditya Mazumder

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Mudiali Club 2011

Theme : The Light of Life that Wires Bind, Will Shun The Darkness in our Mind

Now-a-days in the age of Machines, we all are very busy, shabbier towards machine and technology. We are always moving in a lighting speed most of the time. We mix with each other for a motive or purpose on the back of our mind. The age has come that we donít waste time with our relatives, friends with free gossips. Our minds are darkend with selfishness.

With the advent of Durga puja celebration, like the white cloud removes the black darkness of cloud, like the golden ray of sunshine glitters the blue sky, let us try to shun the darkness of our mind. As the bulb glows with the help of electrical wires, let us try to unite with the help of an invisible wire. Let us try to build a mental bondage. Come and join us to remove the human minds darkness and enlighten us to bring a strong human mental binding.

You will see the refection of this strong human mental binding in this yearís Durga puja. The pandal is designed based on dolls of various districts of West Bengal and these dolls are wonderfully decorated with various types of colourful electrical wires. You will also find some ethnic designs of these colourful electrical wires on the dresses of our goddesses as well as the street lights on both sides of the road.

The various Dolls in the pandal depict the variety of people in our society. To enlighten the wave of light to these people of the society we have used various types of colourful electrical wires.

Come, let us all join together with the help of an invisible wire, bind a mental bondage and enlighten the human light of life in our minds



Pratima :
Asit Pal (Chandannagore)

Pandal :
Bandan Rahar (Artist, Concept & Decorators)

Lighting :
Shere Elactric, Aurobindo Ghosh (Image Decoration and street Light Stand)







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