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Bangalore Durga Puja 2012

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Delhi and NCR Durga Puja 2011
Delhi and NCR
Durga Puja 2011

by Shouvik Basak

Bangalore Diaries 2011
by Bappaditya Mazumder

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Delhi and NCR Durga Puja 2012

An exclusive photo feature by Shouvik Basak covering Durga Puja in Delhi and around

Delhi and surrounding towns in NCR are in a festive mood. As you drive down one can sense the festivity in the air. The pandals are reflecting the exceptional creativity of the artists and delicate art work reveals the passion with which the organisers have prepared for the puja. Various themes bring about the awarness of our culture and heritage. These pandals are not just a beautiful art work to admire, but also help to share the knowledge and instils an urge amongst the children to know more about our rich heritage. Many mandaps have organised programmes by the residents and even there are many popular artists coming here to perform. For many pujas its a community affair where the residents come together to enjoy these four days of festivity, happiness and bonding.

Greater Kailash II Durgotsab
They are celebrating "Kumari Mahotsav" in an effort to create awareness for saving the girl child, with a hope to make a difference. As you enter the mandap you are greeted by an idol of a girl child riding a lion, with a trishul in one hand a craft charkha in the other. This creative idol makes a very powerful statement, with Ma Durga in the back drop. The organisers have also setup a photo exhibition, with the proceeds of the sale of the photographs going for the cause of saving the girl child. The arati and dhunuchi naach in the evening is worth seeing - if you have seen it once, it will draw you there year after year.

Matri Mandir
Located at Safdarjung Enclave, Matri Mandir Sarbojanin Durga Puja Samiti is celebrating its 46th year of Durga Puja. The theme for the pandal is London Olympics 2012. Inside the pandal there is a huge replica of the London Bridge and as you enter you would spot the International Olympic symbol. In this year when India had its best ever Olympic performance, its a tribute to all the sports persons who have won medals for the country and made us proud.

Milani, Mayur Vihar Phase I
Milani Cultural and Welfare Association is giving tribute to Jamini Roy, the famous artist from Bengal on his 125th birth anniversary. The ideation of the pandal is by Sri Aniruddha Sarkar and the immaculate artwork has been done by the artists from Government Art College, Kolkata. The pratima is created by Sudeep Raut and the wall paintings by Mridul Roy.

CR Park, B Block
As you enter the mandap, you would see the theme of the pandal - "The fusion of Vivekananda Rock Memorial at Kanya Kumari as Exterior and Sri Ramakrishna Temple at Belur Math as Interior"

CR Park B Block, Guha Roy House Durga Puja
When you are in B Block pandal, do not miss the house puja of Guha Roy's nearby. The puja at the Guha Roy's House started eight years ago and you will be ushered by a very homely, welcoming ambience and the beautiful idol of Ma Durga. The hospitality of the Guha Roy's and the ambience of this barir pujo will surely touch your heart.

Other Pujas in CR Park
Very near to B Block is the Cooperative Durga Puja. There are other durga pujas held at Mela Ground, K Block, Shiv Mandir, E Block and Pocket 40.

Saptarshi SanghaSaptarshi Sangha, Noida Sector 50

The theme of the puja is Swamiji, to commemorate the 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. Shri Himadri Banerji, Chairman of Saptarshi Sangha Trust says, it is to increase the awareness of Swamiji and to instill Swamiji's value system in the children, Saptarshi Sangha has chosen the theme. The theme is conceived by the residents of Sector 50 and the artwork and paintings displayed in the mandap are all passionately done by the children and their parents with detailed research on Swamiji's life. The beautiful paintings displayed within the mandap brings forward the great talent and creativity of these young residents. On the Astami evening, there is a programme on "Swami Vivekanada in the beam of musical light" to bring the awareness that Swamiji was also a very significant Dhrupad singer. The ambience of the mandap is so Bengali, with the resdents wearing Bengali ethnic wears.

Durga Puja Delhi NCR 2012 - Noida Sector 62 - Cultural Programme by ChildrenNoida Sector 62
In Sector 62, like all other years there are number of cultural programmes planned by the children and residents of the sector and also artists from outside. This puja is a community affair with all the residents coming together at the mandap enjoying the days and the evenings. Over the years this puja has grown to become one of the most popular puja in Noida. And what is puja without good food. There are variety of food stalls available where you can enjoy the food, relaxing in the park, as you sit together and enjoy the performances of the artists late into the night.

Noida Kali Bari, Sector 26

Noida Kali Bari is celebrating its 30th year of Durga Puja which started in 1983. Noida Durga Puja Samity, which is a part of the Noida Bengali Cultural Association (NBCA) organises the puja at the Kali Mandir ground. 2500 to 3000 people have bhog during the puja days. NBCA is a social organisation which supports number of activities throughout the year like a charitable dispensary, a non profit dharmasala, blood donation camps and cultural programmes throughout the year. Shri Pradipto Dutta, Vice President of NBCA mentions that the donations collected through the Durga Puja is not only used for organising the puja alone but support these activities throughout the year. Commemorating 150th year of Swamiji's birth anniversary the organisers have planned an audio visual on Swami Vivekananda. There are various cultural programmes planned during the puja days, including performances by Indian Blues, Subhomita, Indranil Sen and Babul Supriyo.

Other Pujas in Noida
There are many pujas happening in Noida - Jalvayu Vihar, Sector 61, Nedriya Vihar in Sector 50, Sector 33 and few other too.

In the next few days of Durga Puja I will take you through the immaculate art work, creativity and festivity of these pujas. Continue to check back on what's happening in and around Delhi.


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