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2012 Exclusive Gallery

Mahishasurmardini on Bengal Terracotta
Mahishasurmardini on Bengal Terracotta
by Rangan Dutta

Making of Durga 2012
Making of Durga 2012

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Kumartuli 2011

Bangalore Diaries 2011
by Bappaditya Mazumder

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Behala Club Sarbojonin Durga Utsav Committee Durga Puja 2013

Theme : Germination

The concept of Behala club Puja has taken from the concept of Germination.

Germination: Germination is the process by which plants, fungi and bacteria emerge from seeds, and begin growth.  In a more general sense, germination can imply anything expanding into greater being from a small existence.

According to the Hinduism Devi Durga is the source of life.

The temple of Behala Club built like a fruit, and Devi Durga is lying inside the fruit. If we go further to the temple we will find out so many faces of Devi Durga and slowly slowly they are taking the actual shape of Devi Durga, look like the symbol of life and harmony. After that we will go further and reach to the actual Temple where Devi Durga is sitting with her actual symbol of Life.  

Theme Artist :
Robin Roy


Photography :
Chandradeep Bardhan
Arnab Ganguly







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