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Dutta Chaudhury Durga Puja, Andul

Also Known As: Chaudhury barir Puja
Type of Puja:
Bonedi Bari
Inaugural (starting) Year: 1609 AD
Puja website:



Dutta Chaudhury Durga Puja


Country: India
West Bengal
Pin code (zip code):
Locality ( e.g. North Kol, South Kolkata, Hoogly, Noida etc):
Nearest Land Mark, Bus / Metro stand:
Andul Bus Stand


History of Puja:

হাওড়া জেলার আন্দুললর েমিদার, দত্ত জ ৌধুরী বংলের অতী প্রা ীন শ্রী শ্রী দুর্গা পূলো উৎসব।

We are actually kayastha DUTTA family, and 1st major off-shoot of the Dutta family of Bally. Puroshottam Dutta (10th Cent, AD) is our earliest known ancestor. It is Tekari Dutta, who move out from his Bally residence and settle here in Andul. He was designated as zamindar by then nawab of Bengal, Ghiasuddin Azam Shah and bestowed the tittle 'Chaudhury'. From then we are refer to as DUTTA CHAUDHURies of Andul OR simple 'Chaudhuries of Andul'.

DURGA PUJA HISTROY - Kashiswar Dutta Chaudhury who, by the grace of Mughal prince Shah-Jehan, was able to recover from his own uncle (Gobindasharan Dutta Chaudhury- founder of the Hatkhola Dutta family of North Calcutta) most of what was taken. Kashiwar re-instated the Andul Zamindari to its former glory.

কামেস্বর জ ৌধুরী মনমিগত পূোর দালান অনুিান ই: ১৯২৯ মিস্টালের ভদ্রা িালস সম্পূর্গ ভূমিসাৎ হয়।“- Page No.22 of the book, 'AMAR DESHER KOTHA', By Atul Krishna Dutta Chaudhury. Published in 1944 AD From the 'Bhadra Mash' (that corresponds to August/September in the Gregorian calendar) of the year 1609 AD, Durga Puja of this Kayastha zamindar family started adhering to strict religious sanctity following the Brihannandikeshwar Puran.

The Chandi Mandap built by Kashiswar Dutta Chaudhury, unfortunately collapsed around the year 1929 AD, but our family ancestors took no time in getting a new Chandi Mandap constructed and functioning within a year.

In this year (2016), we will have 407th year (1609-2016) Durga Puja celebration, which is probably the oldest among the other 'Bonedi Bari Durga Puja' of Howrah-Kolkata district of West Bengal.

More information:

  1. Hatkhola Dutta Family of Kolkata (North) is one of the major off-shoot of the Dutta Chaudhury family of Andul.
  2. Some notable personalities from this family:

    • Tekari Dutta Chaudhury
    • Krishnananda Dutta Chaudhury
    • Gabindasharan Dutta Chaudhury
    • Madan Mohon Dutta
    • Poet Akshay Chandra Chaudhury & Sarat Kumari Chaudhururani
    • Pravabati (Dutta) Bose
    • Nistarini (Dutta) Basu
    • Kedarnath Dutta ( also known as Srila Bhakti Viond Thakur)
    • Bimalaprasad Dutta ( also known as Bhakti Shiddhanta Saraswati Thakur)
    • Basanta Chaudhury, actor.
  4. Very few Dutta Chaudhury family members continue to reside in Andul. New houses owned by others have sprung up where Purushottama Dutta's descendants once used to live. Even the original "Chaudhury Para Bus Stop" is now more familiarly known as “Mukherjee Para Bus Stop”. One of the few original families that still live there is that of Bonobehari Dutta Chaudhury, whose descendants have preserved the tradition of celebrating at Kashiswar's Chandi Mandap the annual Durga Puja in accordance with our ancient traditions.
  5. Hemotpaul Chaudhuri, a retired Electrical Engineer is the author of the book ‘Dutta Chaudhuri Chronicles’, printed in New York(USA) and published in California(USA). In India, it is available in National Library of India, Kolkata. View Details
  6. Other Books on our ancestry are-

    • DATTA VANSA MALA [#DVM] - By Kedarnath Dutta. (Published in the year of 1875).
    • SVALIKHITA JIVANI - By Kedarnath Dutta Bhaktivinoda. (Published in the year of 1896).
    • AMAR DESHER KOTHA [#ADK] - By Atul Krishna Dutta Chaudhury. (Published in the year of 1944).
    • KOLIKATAR ETIBRITTO - By Pran Krishna Dutta.

To know more about our Puja:

Please visit to our official website:

Our Facebook Page [Official]:

Wikipedia Page:

Amitabha Gupta’s Blog:

Organiser Details:

Organisation Name: Kashiwar Dutta Chaudhury Debottar Trust

Contact Person Name: Dhruba Dutta Chaudhury






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