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'Chorui Dol' is a musical group comprising of young talented musicians, each of whom is unique and trained in his or her own way. The concept of this music group arose when renowned art curator Jyotirmoy Bhattacharya envisioned a revolution in Bengali music by trying to revive old, pre-Independence traditional songs that were once famous but have been completely lost over decades. Jyotirmoy Bhattacharya has been involved in organizing some of the most distinct art shows in Kolkata such as music maestro Debajyoti Mishra & Smt. Amala Shankar's painting exhibitions recently.

The group will present its first on-stage performance on 17th May 2013 (Friday) with a musical narrative titled 'Ek Je Ache Babu' at Gyan Manch, Kolkata where Smt. Amala Shankar the world renowned danseuse of India will grace the occasion as the 'Chief Guest'. Guest of Honour - The eminent painter Sri Lalu Prasad Shaw, Music Composer Sri Debojyoti Mishra and Vocalist Sri Satinath Mukhopadhayay.

While Rabindra Sangeet and Nazrul Geeti remain the only link to old Bengali music, 'Chorui Dol' hopes to change this mindset by popularizing old styles such as Tappa, Kirtan, and Tarja with a smooth blend of Western instruments to bring out melodies that will appeal to the present generation.

This musical group was named 'Chorui Dol' after much thought 'Chorui' (the Bengali word for Sparrow) is a bird that represents the State of Bengal and like the music that this group is involved in, it is also on its way to extinction due to the advancement of technology. This tragic incident is one that the group wants to create more awareness about through its creative capacities. The group believes that such awareness on matters relating to nature and its constant diminution is one that each of us must consider and work towards.


  Members of 'Chorui Dol'

Debalina (vocals) - Debalina has had over two decades of exposure to Indian music and started training at the tender age of four. She has done her classical training under guru Shri Arun Bhaduri. She has featured in Star Jhalsa's 'Mahalaya' in 2012, 'Home & the World' a corporate album for State Bank of India, and in Aparna Sen's latest film 'Goynar Baksho'.

Santanu (vocals) Santanu has a 4 year diploma from Gitabitan and has had three year vocal training in Hindustani Classical Music and one year Carnatic vocal training.

Mimi (Vocals) Mimi has been training under Pandit Raja Basu from a very young age and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Bengali Vocal music from Rabindra Bharati Institute.

Ipsita (Narrative) Ipsita has received Sangeet Visharad from Pracheen Kala Kendra and has had years of experience with on-stage theatrical performances as well as with dubbing & voice-over recordings with many renowned television

Chayan (Narrative) Chayan has been involved in several Bengali films as character role and has done voice overs and dubbing performances for several renowned films and television programmes.
He is doing the lead male narrative for this performance.

Arnab (Bass Guitar) Arnab is a bass guitarist who has been playing his instrument for almost a decade now. He has performed all over India in competitive and other concerts such as Channel [V] Launchpad.

Debmalya (Keyboards) Debmalya is often identified as one of the youngest keyboard players with experience of 12 years who has played with renowned national & international artists. He has worked under Debajyoti Mishra, Subhamita, Raghab Chatterjee. He has experience in on-stage as well as, studio performances.

Pankaj (Percussions) Pankaj describes versatility as a percussionist with a wide knowledge of beats and instruments. He excels at playing the drums, octopad, tabla, and almost all other Indian
percussion instruments.

Dushtu (Tabla) Dushtu has been playing the table for 15 years now and has received training from from Manas Chakravarty & Sri Anup Mitra.


About 'Ek Je Ache Babu'
'Ek Je Ache Babu' is the first on-stage performance by 'Chorui Dol' as a musical group. To maintain its 'off beat' style Chorui
Dol is doing so by not performing like all other music groups with a concert, but rather through a musical narrative depicting
the modern day Bengali babu. This concept of reviving old Bengali music through a script describing the modern Bengali
babu was conceived by the lead singer, Debalina.

The 'Babu' culture is one that has existed within the Bengali community for generations and as time has passed, the essence and
definition of the Bengali 'babu' has definitely changed, adapting itself to newer times and environments, while holding on to
certain core characteristics and behaviours. Today's Bengali 'Babu' may be described as the young, enterprising, global citizen
with a high-profile job in the IT sector. This 'babu' manages to achieve all his materialistic and superficial needs very early in
his life as he earns in dollars, but sometimes is forced to believe that his true meaning of 'life' has changed severely as he has
progressed with his career. His life is one with a time crunch as he is always rushed, stressed, and overburdened. This 'ideal'
new-age, 'babu' has the overbearing boss, fellow colleagues, and a love interest. Through his life one sees materialistic
happiness, frolic with friends and colleagues, loneliness and betrayal.

This 'babu's life is narrated by the two famous fictional, mystical Bengali folklore characters Byangoma (male) and
Byangomi (female) through a rhymed prose along with songs relevant to each situation. Several songs varying in its
traditional Bengali styles have been lyrically modified to create a parody bringing out the essence of today's Bengali 'babu'.
Songs such as 'Tappa' by Emono Jamini, 'Amare Fraud Kore' (Puratani) by Rupchand Pakshi, 'Ami Jeno Chhobiti' inspired by
a song from the theatre Khasdakhol in 1912 by Amritalal Basu, 'Mabhoi Mabhoi' inspired by Kavi Mukunda Das, 'Radha r ki
hoyilo antore byatha' (Kirtan) by Chandidas, amongst many others have been adapted and modified in a contemporary way to
narrate this story of the 'Bengali Babu'.

As a theatrical performance, the script may be described as Gallows humour as it brings out several dark themes such as
betrayal, traitorous behavior, and substance abuse all through sardonic situations. To accompany this depth-filled narrative,
the music has been aptly composed with modern styles to create an entertaining yet thought provoking impression to its
audiences and hopes to appeal to people of all ages.


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