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the heart beat of young dancers , a magical land where the art of dance attains the form of a human emotion, where the trivialities of life diminish and only the expression of dance take over, where the release of all the stress of society and life take place in a moment, where life resonates with the magic of the foot steps led by Jaydeep Palit.

A contemporary, creative dancer and choreographer, Jaydeep Palit, was initiated into creative dancing in 1983, at the tender age of six under the guidance of the renowned exponent of Indian ballet, Smt. Amala Shankar, wife of the legendary maestro Uday Shankar. After completing the initial training under her able guidance at the Uday Shankar India Culture Centre, Kolkata, in 1987 Jaydeep joined ‘Udayan’ set up by Mamata Shankar.


Udayan’ provided the ideal platform to nurture and develop his natural talents in the field of creative dancing. The institute awarded him the ‘Master’ certificate in the year 1995, after successful completion of the course, in recognition of his professional excellence.
Gradually, Jaydeep was promoted to the rank of a professional performer in the ‘Mamata Shankar Ballet Troupe’ and performed in various capacities regularly. In the process, he had the opportunity to choreograph some of the dance numbers performed by the troupe. At the present moment he stands tall with the experience of participating in over 300 shows in India and numerous countries abroad like Belgium, Holland, Greece, United States of America, West Indies, Egypt, Qatar, The United Arab Emirates etc. over the past 20 years.

To fulfill his keen desire to master various Indian classical dance forms, Jaydeep completed his initial training in Kathakali from ‘Udayan’. Later his skills were further refined under the personal guidance of the renowned exponent of Kathakali, Guru GovindanKutty at ‘Kalamandalam’ in Kolkata.Jaydeep has also attended various workshops on contemporary dance styles, the most notable being those conducted by Smt. Amala Shankar, Narendra Sharma and Achhyut Narayan. He has also had a basic exposure to the KalariPayattu form of technique conducted by RanjanMullaratt of Bangalore. The Kuchipudi form of classical dance conducted by Smt. VyjyanthiKashi, of Bangalore. The special workshop conducted by Paul Taylor Dance Company of USA needs special mention in this respect. With the passage of time, he went on to become a teacher of creative dance at ‘Udayan’.

26 years of experience in modern creative dance. Attended workshop organized by the eminent Kuchipudi dancer Smt. VyajayantiKhasi, from Bangalore and performed with her at the EZCC. Got trained in Kalaripayattu form of martial art from Sri.RanjanMullaratt, from Bangalore. Joined the workshop conducted by the Paul Taylor Dance Company from America at Kalamandir and workshop by the Kaush Group of Contemporary Dance from the UK at the British Council Kolkata. Got the chance to perform with the renowned Manipuri dancer Smt. Kalavati Devi and Late Guru GovindanKutti.Was appointed as a trainer at ‘Udayan’ (institution of Smt. Mamata Shankar) for over six years.

Conducted workshops organized by XIMB, Dhaka University, Chittagong. Choreographed for the all India dance competition organized by Kalyanmayee, Airport Authority of India for the past five years.Has been conducting annual concerts of Central Modern School, Baranagar for the past 6 years. Worked with the children of Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy for the TTIS Award Ceremony.

HRITAAL – the “taal” of the “hriday” or the “rhythm of the heart” is another name of the bonding that exists within the heartbeat of a group of young performers. The members of HRITAAL, through their performance, embody the unique style of the legendary maestro Uday Shankar, foremost exponent of Indian creative ballet. Hritaal’s aim is to spread this form of dance to every corner of the world, and into the heart of the common people. The universal appeal of this dance is enhanced by its background scores, which blend Indian classicalwith Latin American, Indonesian, Chinese folk with Western Fusion, to create a global symphony as the backdrop of this innovative dance form.

HRITAAL DANCE SCHOOL was formed with the main objective of continuing this tradition of dance through young talents. Not only ‘tutoring’ but finding out their potential and helping them to express their creative urge. Thus, the training method followed in this institution is quite different from the usual way of teaching. We prefer to try and explore the inherent creativity of the young students without disturbing their innocence and spontaneity, rather than teaching them few music-bound mechanical movements. We manage to maintain the delicate balance between creative freedom and uncontrolled expression by following some well defined but flexible methods in the teaching process, so that the students become aware of their capabilities and flourish to the best of their ability. In the process, the students also enrich the dance form with the freshness of their ideas and their joyous innocence.
Along with the contemporary style, different forms of Indian and foreign contemporary techniques are taught in the institution, which helps to enrich the base for the creative form. They also learn different technical aspects of this performing art like choreography, stage management, use of lights, use of props as well as costumes and accessory designing.


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Jaydeep Palit - Director & Choreographer
Hritaal Dance Centre
Flat no: B3
10D, Ananada Palit Road,
Kolkata- 700 014
W.B., India






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