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Rishi Inc.

“Music is the universal language of mankind,” said Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, once upon a time…

And it is this language that brought ‘Rishi Inc.’ to life. Rishi, Ritesh, Santa, Tarit, Anugrah & Gautam – Six musicians who could hear nothing but the sound of music and speak nothing but the language of melody – were brought together by their love for music.

It all began just shy of a year…emerging from different spheres of life, their love and passion for music tied them together and the outcome that we have today is 'Rishi Inc.' - a 'rhythm emerging from perfect harmony between a man and his soul'.

Music may mean differently to different people…! But for them, music is all about bringing out the serenity, purity and authenticity of one’s being, with a slight touch of novelty. And while living in the most diversified nation, India, what could be better than bringing out the very serenity, purity and authenticity of our motherland.
Starting from their original contemporary numbers to Indian traditional folk, ‘Rishi Inc.’ and its music is a perfect amalgamation of our cultural and modern India.

India has a lot to give to the world, even if it is her music! And this is exactly what ‘Rishi Inc.’ believes in; nurturing the true beauty of India and presenting it to the world in an all-new different style.

Recognizing the soul of India and then beautifully fuse it with the str ings of the ‘jazz’, that is what ‘Rishi Inc.’ is all about.

Very Indian at heart, but modern in their approach, these new-age musicians know what chord to strike to penetrate straight into the heart of everyone and sustain its blissful presence forever. Needless to say, be it the generation of the 21st century or their parents! In a nutshell, ‘R ishi Inc.’s music is for one and for all.


Their Journey

Though Rishi and his like minded musical friends started walking on their respective paths of music during the early years of their life , they were brought together in Aug’ 2010 to form today’s ‘Rishi Inc.’
It all began when Rishi met Santa during his graduation days. Both shared each other’s passion & enthusiasm for music, while Rishi knew what keys to strike to bring out the perfect melody from his Piano, Santa was the man with a golden voice to translate and give life to the deep thoughts of ‘Rishi Inc’ compositions . As wonderful as the combination could be, together they fulfilled their commitments to
music by creating some soulful compositions.

Later, the duo was joined by Tarit, an expert in catching beats and flowing them out through his tabla. The trio joined hands, and created music very different from ordinary. Their eclectic production was further beautified by the introduction of Ritesh, whose mesmerizing talent with the flute brought a different feel to the entire package. The whole package could not finally be attained without the backbone of the whole band i.e the Drums & Base section by Gautam & Anugrah respectively who threw in their skills at the rhythm section. This led to the band attaining equilibrium, with three members from western classical and three from Indian classical background putting their heart & soul together.

There after, finally Rishi Inc. was a complete musical venture that was ready to take on the world with their music!


Listen to Rishi Inc Demos

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Band Members :

Rishi Dutta - Keyboards and Electronics
Santa Singh - Vocals
Tarit Pal - Tabla and Percussions
Ritesh Prasanna - Flute and Backing Vocals
Anugrah Pandey - Bass Guitar
Gautam Menon - Drums

Contact Details :

Rishi Dutta




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